Languages4kidz is a leading provider of early language learning products. For the past 10 years we have concentrated our efforts in developing quality resources and materials in Spanish and English for teachers, parents and young children. Languages4kidz collection of picture books in Spanish and English as well as the programs written for teaching them help expose little ones to these two languages in a fun and natural way.

Languages4kidz collection of children’s books incorporate an easy vocabulary suitable for preschool and lower primary grade students. The books have a special charm with original illustrations that have a keen way of developing concepts such as self-esteem, cooperation, friendship, respect and love among others with a very multi-cultural character base. They help children gain confidence in reading and most importantly, to find it enjoyable and fun.

Languages4kidz programs on the other hand are the ideal complement to pre-K and kindergarten programs in public schools, private schools, and childcare centers. They can be used for after-school programs, Sunday programs, and more.

Languages4kidz Founder and Author of our books

My love for children, my passion for languages and the idea of sharing my experience and knowledge with others is a very rewarding and exciting stage in my life.

Being a lifelong learner guided me into conducting extensive research in early language learning, the new educational trends, approaches and theories and to use huge amounts of information to create Languages4kidz resources.

GCLanguages4kidz picture books and teachers’/parents’ resources have been written in English and Spanish so as to provide a variety of materials that may help develop children’s language and literacy skills in these two languages.

I would like to encourage you to be creative and enrich these resources. Tap into your own experiences as you approach the materials developed.

Children, enjoy our collection of Picture Books with beautiful illustrations, easy vocabulary and fun activities that will help you develop your language and literacy skills in English and Spanish.

Parents, provide your children with our quality resources in Spanish and English to enlighten their minds and give them the gift of a second language early in their lives.

Teachers, use our materials to immerse children as young as 3 months of age in a meaningful and fun environment that provides them with age appropriate activities that help them experience a foreign language naturally and intuitively.

Graciela Castellanos