Our mission

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs, moms, university students and early childhood teachers with the best Spanish and English Programs for teaching kids. We want to provide them with the resources that will guide them in the journey of creating early language learning communities in their areas.

What makes Languages4kidz, Inc. programs different and unique?

• Our programs include infants and toddlers as opposed to most programs available.

• No other program out there offers detailed lesson plans that are developmentally appropriate for use with very young learners.

• Languages4kidz, Inc. programs have been designed to “immerse” children directly and immediately into the target language.

• Our materials have been developed keeping in mind the stages of second language acquisition, children’s overall development and the best practices used by educators around the world.

• Our Children’s Sets with materials for children allow teachers to continue the teaching-learning process at home.

• Languages4kidz, Inc. materials are easy to use by teachers or any individual who has no previous teaching experience and may be adapted to the different levels of students.


Our Philosophy

Languages4kidz believes that young children are natural learners and that by exposing them to languages other than their mother tongue early in life we are laying a foundation for helping them be successful citizens of the world.

We are all aware of the incredible learning potential of children, particularly during the first six years. Research has clearly shown that a child’s brain is capable of learning several languages at once, and the earlier the better. When children learn a second language before the developmental window closes, it gives them the opportunity to naturally acquire native like pronunciation, it enhances their native language abilities, it increases their creativity, it enriches their mental development, it enhances their verbal and mathematical problem solving skills, and it provides a positive effect on their intellectual growth.

These skills contribute profoundly to a child’s self-esteem and his or her sense of values. They prepare the child for life in the multi-cultural, multi-lingual world of the 21st century.

Languages4kidz materials help immerse children as young as 3 months of age in a meaningful and fun environment that provides them with age appropriate activities that help them experience the foreign language naturally and intuitively.

Our methodology

The methodology used combines findings of the latest research on child development and learning with the best language practices and strategies used by masterful teachers around the world.

Languages4kidz materials mimic the natural way in which children learn their native language. First they listen, then they speak and later on they learn to read and write.

Through meaningful interactions, repetition, body language, puppets, songs, finger plays, games, drama, Total Physical Response (TPR) exercises, arts and crafts projects, and aural and visual aides children acquire the target language in a fun and natural way. In Languages4kidz materials all these activities have been interwoven together to create a unique path for successful learning.

Each activity in the curriculum has been carefully chosen. Meaningful interactions with aural and visual aides, songs, stories, games, dramatic play and arts and crafts projects contribute in a very special way to providing the gift of a second language to children early in life.

Our Founder

My love for children, my passion for languages and the idea of helping teachers embark in the wonderful journey of helping little ones acquire a new language early in life is a very rewarding and exciting new professional stage in my life.GC

Being a lifelong learner guided me into conducting extensive research in early language learning, the new educational trends, approaches and theories and to use huge amounts of information to create Languages4kidz resources for teaching English and Spanish to young learners.

Languages4kidz teacher’s guides, picture books and enrichment activities booklets have been designed to help young learners gain a new language (English and/or Spanish) early in life and, most importantly, in a fun and natural way.

All Languages4kidz materials have been written with moms, university students and new language teachers in mind. They are easy to use and provide new and veteran teachers with a variety of ideas, suggestions and useful information to help them get started or enhance their instruction.

For those who are new to teaching languages to young learners starting without knowing what to teach and how to teach it is not ideal. Writing a good curriculum can take many, many hours of dedication, months and even years! And we all agree the curriculum is one of the most important pieces of a program, especially if you want to deliver quality and consistency.

I would like to encourage you to be creative and enrich these resources. Tap into your own experiences as you approach the materials developed. Keep in mind that flexibility when teaching little ones means being willing to adjust the materials in response to your group of children. Use your knowledge and expertise to enlighten children’s minds and give them the gift of a second language early in their lives.

Graciela Castellanos