Resources for Teaching Spanish or English to very young kids

Click on links below for selected articles, videos and presentations by Graciela Castellanos for teaching English and/or Spanish to young learners.

Songs in Spanish

La araña pequeñita

Palmas, palmitas

A la Bim Bam Bum

Oh, Sr. Sol

Dos ojitos tengo

5 monitos

3 en una familia

La lechuza

Te quiero yo y tu a mi

5 ranitas

El Sr. Potato

Con mi dedito

3 o mas en una familia

El elefante del circo

Abre, cierra

Tengo una hormiguita

Songs in English

This is the way

Going to the zoo

3 little monkeys

A Ram Sam Sam

1,2,3,4,5 I caught a fish alive


5 green and speckled frogs


Head, shoulder, knees and toes

Songs for kids (mix)

Open, shut them

Miss Molly had a dolly

Songs for the Holidays

Trato o Truco

Knock, knock

5 calabazas

El dia de Acción de Gracias

5 pavos


If you’re thankful and you know it

10 little Indians

I give thanks for…

5 little turkeys



Tips for teaching young learners

Trailers of some of our Picture Books


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Castellanos, Graciela (September, 2018). Conferencia ELE 2018: El uso de los Cuentos en la enseñanza de Español.

Teaching Articles of interest

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