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I was particularly pleased to see that the curriculum is available even for our littlest ones. It is available for kiddos as young as 3 months to six years of age! Most curriculum options are limited to preschool aged children or older which is a shame!

Bilingual Avenue
What I love about Language4kidz is that it's your
one-stop resource for raising your children to learn Spanish or learn English! Here you'll find music, children's books, and enrichment activities.You know what really excites me about this program is that you don't have to be a teacher to use the program! The lesson plans are flexible, and easy to use with activities to follow-through.

Discovering the world through my son's eyes
Como mamá me encontré super fácil seguir el programa.
Tienen una estructura que cualquiera puede tomar y seguir
el paso a paso por cada lección y planificarse de tomar dos o tres
horas a la semana para trabajarlo y los demás días reforzar
con las canciones y los CD’s que a ellos les encantan.

Gianny Liranzo de Madres Conectadas

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