Eglish Curriculum materials for Spring

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English for Kids -Spring curriculum for Toddlers and Preschoolers is here!!!!

Spring is in the air!

So we thought we would give you a hint of the materials we have developed for children ages 2-5 with activities, songs and Picture Books related to this beautiful season.

We introduce BIRDS, BUDS AND BLOOMS a complete unit with materials that aren’t just for Toddlers and Preschoolers learning English as a foreign language, but also for young kids learning English as their first language.

BIRDS, BUDS AND BLOOMS complete set includes:

Teacher’s Guide

A handbook with 368 pages, divided into 12 lessons. Each lesson introduces children to basic vocabulary, lovely songs, finger plays, stories, poems and games about the Seasons and very especially about the Spring Season.

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Spring means new life and flowers blooming, rainy weather and windy weather, feathered friends and little bugs.

Each lesson includes activities for:
• Welcome!
• All Together
• Playful Time
• Relaxing Time
• Story Time
• Wrap-up!

Picture books:

What’s out there?

What' s Out There Children are introduced to the fascinating world of birds, bugs and butterflies through an easy vocabulary while they count. In this lovely picture book Tommy is looking for bugs and he finds many animals doing all sorts of funny things.


Spring is here!

Spring Is Here The story follows Pedro as he rejoices in the beauties of nature during Spring time and the so wonderful activities he carries out with his Mom and Dad.


What should I wear?

What should I Wear

This is a wonderful story for introducing and exposing little ones to vocabulary and expressions related to the types of clothes we wear during each season.

Children will appreciate the humor of What should I wear as Ana, the character in the story keeps getting confused about the proper outfit for each Season and weather.


Enrichment Activities Booklet

EAB B-B-B AmazonThe enrichment activities booklet includes the lyrics of all the songs, finger plays and rhymes from BIRDS, BUDS AND BLOOMS and some arts and crafts activites that can be carried out by the little ones.




The Picture Books are sold separately on AmazonCreatespace and Languages4kidz Shop. The complete SETS are sold on Languages4kidz SHOP.