TCOL E package English for kids – Spring curriculum for Kindergartners THE CIRCLE OF LIFE  a complete unit for English speaking children or children leaning English as a foreign language between the ages of 5-7.

THE CIRCLE OF LIFE complete set includes:

Teacher’s Guide

This Handbook is broken down into 12 detailed lesson plans that focus on living things, their basic needs, and how they grow and change throughout their lifetime. TGThe Circle of Life Amazon Each lesson includes activities for: a) Warm-up b) Circle Time c) Theme Focus d) Theme Song e) Creative Workshop f) Story Time g) Wrap-up

Picture Books:

I’ll have flowers this Spring

I will Have Flowers this SpringThis beautiful Picture Book follows the short story of Susie as she returns from school one day. She is very happy and eager to tell Mom about her new decorated pot and the things she did with the help of her teacher to have flowers for Spring. The book has vocabulary and expressions that fit in well with the theme in THE CIRCLE OF LIFE Module. For example, words related to planting seeds, how to take care of them and what are plants’ basic needs.

What’s happening?

What's Happening Children’s typical curiosity is raised when Ms. Jones shows up with three big jars. This picture book presents great words to talk about the life cycle of living things such as cocoon, puppa, chrysalis. The book encourages children to explore new concepts and learn new words.  

We are going camping

We Are Going CampingIn this story Ms. Piggy takes her class on a wonderful adventure at Camp Languages4kidz.The young animals in her class write a journal where they share the many things and activities they engage in at the Camp.

Enrichment Activities Booklet

EABThe Circle of Life Amazon The Enrichment Activities Booklet includes the lyrics of all the songs, finger plays and rhymes from THE CIRCLE OF LIFE, arts and crafts projects, some worksheets and some writing exercises.         The Picture Books are sold separately on Amazon,  Createspace and Languages4kidz Shop.The complete SETS are sold on Languages4kidz SHOP