Have a gorgeous year 2021
Have a gorgeous year 2021

Have a gorgeous 2021!!!

A new year!

A new beginning full of new opportunities and new projects!

At Languages4kidz our project is to continue:

  1. Promoting bilingualism across the world . Contributing to children’s language development in two languages, Spanish and English.
  2. Helping children become bilingual, bi-literate citizens by providing them with quality educational resources.
  3. Fostering the development of children’s reading skills in these two important languages.
  4. Supporting all families whose children are learning Spanish or English with guiding materials for initiating and keeping their children interested in learning an additional language through fun and natural activities.
  5. Providing teachers and those who would like to teach Spanish or English to young children with flexible curricula that is constantly growing and improving; providing the tools to teach on their own (in presence or online) and initiate their own business.
  6. Supporting parents, grandparents, caretakers and educators whose language preferences range from Spanish or English to fully bilingual.

Last year brought lots of challenges to everyone.

For us it was a year dedicated to revise and enhance our bilingual products.

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We have been working on creating new resources for keeping young learners motivated and improving their language skills.

Languages4kidz Resources

We have dedicated ourselves to offering our fabulous picture books in digital format with read aloud, songs, and animations, that you can find on the Apple Books Store or Google Play. We have partnered with Caribu and now everyone in your family can connect with your children and read all our books in an interactive video-call.

Teaching with Languages4kidz products
Teach with Languages4kidz

Do you want to teach? We have converted all our educational materials for parents and teachers to digital format, making them more accessible and easier to follow. If you want to teach your child, offer classes or start-up your own business we can help you!

All Kids Spanish teacher reading Languages4kidz books

We have included many updates to our webpage! You can now find songs, tips for parents and teachers, instructional videos and much more when you visit us!

So, what are your projects and how are you planning to accomplish them?