Is teaching languages to kids a great idea to start up your own business?


Here are my 4 most important beliefs to help you take the first steps.

  • I believe that in a more and more globalized modern world in which we live, this is an extremely important time for children to learn a new language. Aside from enhancing their educational experiences and their future careers, learning a new language is fun, it comes easy to little ones and it opens a whole new world to them full of new experiences, a new culture, and new friends.Reading L4K books
  • I believe that the best time for acquiring a second language is in the first 6 years of life. There is a “window of opportunity” that we must take advantage of and provide young children with fun experiences and language activities to help them acquire a new language early in life.early childhood
  • I believe that parents all over the world are more aware of the benefits of early language learning and want their little ones to be exposed to a new language early in life.IMG_5488
  • I believe that if you are one of many individuals out there living abroad who speak Spanish or English fluently, you are a stay at home mom (SAHM), or a university student, or a languages teacher, and would like to start-up your own business, this is the best time to start planning.

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