Do you want to teach Spanish or English to your kids?

Then, this is the right place to start planning!

If you are interested in teaching Spanish or English to your young child you may be asking yourself many questions:

What are the best curriculum options?

How do very young children learn?

What are developmentally appropriate activities for little ones?

What types of activities do babies, toddlers, preschoolers and young ones like?

What if I am homeschooling?

If you are in any of these situations, the newly available LANGUAGES4KIDZ curriculum for exposing little ones to Spanish or English may be the right solution for you.

Depending on your situation, our resources can help you get a good start. With  our easy to use thematic units you can start teaching using whole language in context right away. We encourage you to purchase  LANGUAGES4KIDZ Materials and start giving children the gift of an additional language early in life.

Our new digital curriculum books include complete guides with 12 detailed Lesson Plans each, Enrichment Activities Booklets (printable), audios of the songs, nursery rhymes and finger plays, as well as the audio for dialogues and read aloud of the picture books that accompany each unit. These NEW digital features facilitate anyone with basic knowledge of the language and basic knowledge on how to teach little ones to follow along.

With LANGUAGES4KIDZ resources children sing and dance along with lively songs that help them develop a positive language learning experience and listen to story books that stimulate their imagination and creativity and gives them a valuable opportunity to follow and acquire the structures and patterns of the target language.

With LANGUAGES4KIDZ you can also become the leader of a mother/father and child playgroup.

Today I would like to propose to all parents who would like to support their child’s bilingual language development to build a support network.

I encourage you to invite others who are raising their children to speak your language to join you in creating a mother/father and child playgroup.

The mother/father and child playgroup may be for a one hour session where mothers/fathers and their children participate in a range of activities that strengthen their engagement, build their language skills and address child development issues. During this session a playgroup leader (that may be any of the mothers/fathers in the group) models a range of interactive behaviors and activities that mothers can ‘take home’ and use with their children in the home environment. You can certainly become the leader in a playgroup.

LANGUAGES4KIDZ offer you the perfect tools for guiding the group into sessions with activities that can nurture language development (books, stories, riddles, games, etc.) and are fun for both parents and children.

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