Transition times are those important times when we move from one activity to the next. They are significant because they can make the class seem smooth and well-organized, or rushed and unpleasant.

Planning for these times is just as valuable as any other aspect of your class. If transition times are not implemented into your schedule, you are bound to lose control of your class. 

Our suggestion is to create short, repetitive transitions that can help capture and focus children’s attention as you move from one activity to another. Use them consistently throughout the day. Allow enough time so children can make the transition gradually so as to avoid stressful situations. 

In addition to allowing a realistic amount of time for transitions to take place, it always helps to give warning in advance before a change in activities. This gives children a chance to finish what they are doing and their cooperation is more likely. It might also help move the process along if you comment favorably about the next activity. 

Young children need help moving from one activity to another and we can help them by singing songs, chants, rhymes, finger plays or by playing an instrument to make a special sound, turning off lights for a few seconds, clapping rhythms or by showing children a specific picture related to the next activity. 

Following are some helpful transition songs you may use in order to aid you with this important part of your classes.