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Our all-inclusive Curriculum Guides make it easy for teachers to engage children in playful, interactive, and developmentally-appropriate activities to help them acquire an additional language. They are available for four age groups (birth to 7 years of age).

Each Curriculum Guide includes: 12 detailed Lesson Plans, an Enrichment Activities Booklet, and Audios for the Songs, Dialogues and Read Alouds of the Picture Books that accompany the Unit.

These Curriculum Guides in digital format are the ideal complement to Mommy and me, Daycare, After-school, Sunday, Pre-K and Kindergarten programs in public schools, private schools, and childcare centers.

Parents may use these ebook guides at home with their young children and teachers may use them as the core curriculum for a class that meets once or several times every week. There are plenty of educational tips and ideas for extending or supplementing any language program.

If you are interested in starting your own Language Program for Very Young Children,  Languages4kidz Curriculum Guides provide you with the tools necessary to implement it and make it easy for little ones and their parents or caregivers to gradually acquire and build up their vocabulary and communicative competence in English.