Tengo diez deditos – Interactive Book


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This lovely picture book captivates children’s attention with its large, bright illustrations and clear text. This book introduces children to parts of the body and the five senses through an easy vocabulary. The book’s repetitive structure is supportive of children learning new words, and the illustrations work well alongside the text to help them understand unfamiliar words.  The book is geared towards children ages 0 to preschool and very specially to promote learning Spanish at this early age. This book is also available in English.

Our collection of picture iBooks are entertaining and enrich very young readers.  They foster in children a love of reading and help them enjoy reading by adding sound, motion, and animation to the stories in a fun and engaging way! They are suitable for preschool and lower primary grade students, beginning readers and can be used very effectively in bilingual, dual language and PYP programs.