You shine! – Interactive book


This picture book has a simple story about a dinosaur named Little B. The characters, the words and the delightful illustrations help make this story engaging and easy for young children to follow. In this story the author wants to communicate to children the uniqueness of each person and the fact that there is always something that makes each of us special and be able to shine! The story is full of animations and fun activities that will engage little ones.

Este libro está disponible para descargarlo con iBooks en tu Mac o dispositivo iOS.

Our collection of picture iBooks are entertaining and enrich very young readers. They foster in children a love of reading and help them enjoy reading by adding sound, motion, and animation to the stories in a fun and engaging way!

The books incorporate an easy vocabulary and are suitable for preschool and lower primary grade students, beginning readers and can be used very effectively with in bilingual dual language and young PYP programs.